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Pre-Arranged Funeral Planning Service

A pre-arranged funeral plan is the easy way to plan ahead, choose the funeral you want and fix the cost of your funeral director's services at today's prices.

This can protect your loved ones from the administrative burden, financial uncertainty and associated emotional stress about your final wishes.

By planning ahead, you can:

  • Have peace of mind - you've arranged and paid for your funeral plan
  • Beat Funeral Costs - save money by paying for the funeral at today's prices
  • Plan it your way - make sure your final wishes are met, meaning less stress for your family and friends

At Milsom Consulting we can assist you in your forward planning by arranging your complete, affordable, funeral with the option of a personal financial plan. 

There are five funeral plans to choose from, ranging from the 'basic' plan -  which provides arrangements for a dignified, direct cremation without a funeral procession or funeral service (now known as the Bowie Plan as this was what he had), through to the 'premier' plan - the most comprehensive plan, including a premium coffin and two limousines.

We understand that everyone's needs are different, so our plans can be individually tailored to suit you.  Should you wish to include (and exclude) any plan features in advance, you may do so, so you're assured of value for money and peace of mind for you and your family.

One of the major benefits of having a pre-arranged funeral plan is removing administration around the arrangements, allowing your executors to grieve and pay their respects in the knowledge that your wishes are being carried out.

You can decide on every aspect of your funeral. What type of service you would like, which funeral director you would prefer, whether you want a cremation or burial, if you want flowers or donations to a charity, are all things that can be handled in advance which means your loved ones don’t need to second guess what you would have wanted. 

We aim to offer you peace of mind through certainty and control over your affairs through our funeral planning services. 

Does pre-arranged funeral plan make financial sense?

Funeral costs have been rising year on year, much faster than the annual rate of inflation.

The Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2018 said that the average cost of a average funeral in 2004 was £1,920, in 2018 it was £4,271.  That is a increase of 122%.  While no one can predict the future, at this rate, in ten years the average cost of a funeral could be more the £7,500.

With the rise in funeral costs outstripping inflation and interest rates, there’s no guarantee that, when the time comes, your bank our building society savings will cover the costs of your funeral.

Over 50s insurance policies usually pay out a fixed sum, but don’t guarantee to cover your funeral director’s costs in the future.

This means that, for many families budgeting for a funeral by the above traditional means, they may no longer have sufficient funds to cover the funeral costs and will have to make up the shortfall or wait for assets from your estate become available.

By arranging your funeral now, using our Pre-Arranged Funeral Planning Service, your funeral is guaranteed at today’s prices, avoiding the inevitable future inflation in costs.

Also, Funeral Plans pay out before the date of the funeral, directly to your selected funeral director, which means neither your executors nor family need to find the capital or borrow against the estate (at penal rates of interest), whilst negotiating with the funeral directors, for the services required.

Choose how you would like to pay

Spread the cost or make a one-off payment – the choice is yours.

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