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Our Consultancy Services

Professional Will & Trust Drafting Service

We specialise in providing Wills - from the simple to the complex.

Whether it is a standard Mirror Will; where Mr & Mrs give everything to each other and the onto their children, or a far more intricate set of family affairs requiring Trust planning, we can ensure that your estate flows to your intended as cleanly and tax efficiently as possible.

We also offer sensible and tax efficient solutions for managing your business assets within your Will. 

We offer a very personalised service, with initial meetings held at either your home or using offices in St Albans or Milton Keynes.

Lasting Power of Attorney

What happens to your personal and financial affairs if you lose the capacity to look after them yourself?

Without a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place you would need one appointed by the Court, or Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).  This is a very lengthy and expensive process.

LPAs provide for you to appoint people to act on your behalf if you should lose capacity in the future. These can cover not only your financial affairs, but also enables your appointed Attorney(s) to make health and welfare provisions on your behalf.

We work with clients to ensure that appropriate Attorneys are chosen and ensure that all parties understand the decisions that are being taken.

We then support you in completing the fairly complex documentation prescribed by the OPG to enable the LPAs to be registered.

Shareholder & Partnership Agreements 

1000's of companies fail every year, due to disputes between directors and shareholders about how their company is to be run.

They seldom appreciate the potential problems they are storing up for themselves by not having a formal agreement in place to set out the ground rules for their ownership of the business, setting out the powers of each shareholder or provide a adequate method for resolving disputes between them.

The solution is a professionally drafted shareholder agreement.  We professionally draft these for Limited Companies and Partnerships alike.

Business Continuity & Succession Planning Service

What happens if a shareholder or director of a limited company dies or becoming seriously ill?

Recent research states that 40% of all businesses are likely to fold following the death of a key director or partner.  73% of all business have no adequate protection in place for this eventuality.

You protect and insure your home, your family, your car, even your pets, but most businesses have not protected themselves.

We offer a cost-efficient service that enables the business owners to both protect their business continuity and look after their families. 

Estate Preparation Service

At a very difficult time, executors and Personal representatives of recently deceased family members often want to outsource the complex, time-consuming and emotional work of assessing, valuing and preparing the estate for IHT and Probate purposes.

This is what our Estate Preparation Service does.  We meet with the family, run an audit of the deceased estate and then prepare all the relevant paperwork for the Probate process.

We then work closely with a local firm of solicitors who finalise the Probate for the family.

Funeral Planning Solutions

Arranging your funeral in advance can ease the associated stress and financial worry for your loved ones by removing some of the future emotional and administrative burden, the associated fees and costs.

We can assist you in your forward planning by arranging your complete, affordable, funeral with a personal financial plan.

Each plan is bespoke to you, and helps you decide on the type of funeral you want, the funeral director you wish to appoint and the features you wish to include (and exclude) from any service arrangements in advance.

This mean so that you are assured of value for money and peace of mind for you and your family.

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